Payfriendz are taking over Radar on Friday 13th March! By downloading the app, you can take part in the £2000 giveaway on the night and you could earn some beer on the house! Plus, you can now get free entry even after 9pm by just showing the app on the door.

On top of this, we’ll have our usual £1.50 drinks deals running all night.

"Payfriendz is a new app changing the way you send or request money with your friendz. You can easily and quickly share money and also have a chat whilst your there through instant messaging; helping you #ForgetCash! Think WhatsApp meets PayPal!"

Free entry before 9pm AND free entry post 9pm when you download and show the Payfriendz app (otherwise from 9pm £1 for Student Central members and UoL students, £3 for guests).