About Us

A friendly and social university swimming team in central London. Open to all students, alumni and staff.



Since COVID, our swimming club has suffered from a lack of funding and training facilities. Following the permanent closure of Student Central, we used the remaining savings from previous years to maintain a regular training schedule. Given much consideration, we have transferred to Birkbeck Students' Union. The University of London Swimming Club (LUST) is now rebranded as Birkbeck, University of London Swimming Club (informally B-LUST) with a 3-year phasing period. 


The club remains open to students at ALL UoL Member Institutions. The following will provide more details and FAQs.

To access our social media and our new webpage for membership and taster sessions, please visit the link on the right.


Training Schedule:  

19:30-20:30 Monday, (2 lanes)

16:45 -18:15 Sunday



YMCA Club, 112 Great Russell St, WC1B 3NQ


Annual Membership:

Birbeck members: £78

Affiliated members: £118



When entering competitions such as BUCS, under what banner do I compete?

-- You have the option to enter as UoL or BBK.


Who are qualified as affiliated members?

-- non-Birkbeck UoL students and Alumni.


What events are there throughout the year?

-- Each year we send a team to represent at BUCS Short course, Long course, Team Qualifiers, and (if we make it) Team Finals. In addition to this, we participate in London League, annual friendly galas at Oxford and Manchester for all members.


When are the annual club committee elections?

-- It is held in spring. However, we are currently understaffed. If you are happy to help, please contact one of the committee members or through club email. 


If you have any enquiries, feel free to PM our social media or send us an email.