About Us

Koinonia is for students in London who want to discover the call of God in their lives. We are a community of disciples on mission that provides a supportive environment to respond to that call.

We're an ecumenical Christian student ministry that aims at being an intentional community, whether it be through prayer, conversations, or time spent together.



Koinonia was founded in 1980 by a number of university students who experienced a call from God to build a missionary community in the University of London.


What We Do

We have prayer meetings and worship nights where we usually have a period of charismatic worship, followed by a talk, discussion groups, some prayer time, and then we head to a nearby pub for drinks and a catch up. We also have parties, quiz nights, games nights, or other informal gatherings where we can simply enjoy each other's company. Koinonia welcomes everyone and involves students from all sorts of backgrounds. We hope to see you!


When and Where We Meet

Thursdays 7:30-10pm in different venues in Central London (usually in Covent Garden). Check our social media for more details (https://instagram.com/koifully).



As well as our weekly Thursday meetings, we have multiple weekends away every year, some in England and some abroad. They're the perfect opportunity to get away from the madness of London for a weekend and refresh amongst friends. We pray, worship, have time to reflect, eat great food, and build our community.



"It’s been absolutely amazing meeting new people in Koinonia and fellowshipping, knowing everyone has the same mindset to live for Christ and represent Him. You can feel so much peace and joy during Koi events and you can speak freely and ask any questions you may have pertaining to Christianity. I think it’s especially good for people who want to have a deeper relationship with God but find it difficult, maybe because of fear of what others might think. Wherever you are in your Christian journey, you always need fellow Christians in your life to help you out and Koi is a great place to have this."

- Rachel (Birkbeck University)


"Life at university can be quite busy academically, professionally, and socially. Amidst all of this, there seems to be a missing element, something deeper that I was glad to find in Koinonia. Koinonia was a constant source of support for me—an escape from the challenges of the world we live in. I was also able to draw strength and love from my community and shared it with my friends although they were mostly Muslims, Hindus, and atheists. They willingly joined Koi events and also mentioned that they saw something different about us. Koinonia also provided me with a place to step out and use my God-given gifts to serve. During my two years in London, my faith came alive - I began to truly understand the meaning of being a Christian and how our identity and beliefs can profoundly influence those around us."

- Jose (King's College)