About Us

Koinonia exists for students in Central London to help them discover the call of God on their lives and to provide environments that allow them to respond to the challenge of that call.

Koinonia [koy-no-nee-yah] means community. Koinonia was founded in 1980 by a number of university students who experienced a call from God to build a missionary community at the University of London. We change lives, minds and dinner plans. We're an ecumenical Christian student ministry. We aim at being an intentional community, whether it be through prayer, conversations, or time spent together. We have pub outings, weekends away escaping London, games nights, prayer events, and picnics.


What We Do

We meet every Thursday evening, and do a variety of things together. We have prayer events where we usually have a period of charismatic worship, followed by a talk from a guest speaker, discussion groups, some prayer time, and then we head to a nearby pub for drinks and a catch up. We also have parties, quiz nights, games nights, or other fun events where we can have a good time together and where newcomers can feel at home. Koinonia is open to absolutely anyone and involves students from all sorts of backgrounds. Come along and see why we think community is the bees knees!


When and Where We Meet

Thursdays 19:00-22:00 in different venues in Central London (usually not too far away from the Bloomsbury area).



As well as our weekly Thursday meetings, we have multiple weekends away every year, some in England and some abroad. They're the perfect opportunity to get away from the madness of London for a weekend and refresh amongst friends. In January we've had some stunning long walks in the snowy woods of Gilwell Park and in June enjoyed a glass of wine in the sunshine at Elm Tree Farm. We pray, worship, have time to reflect, eat great food, and build our community.


What Does It Cost?

Joining fee is £4.



"Koinonia provided Christian fellowship for students unlike anything I've seen before; it feels more like a family. I'm so grateful that I stopped to check out the stall at the fresher's fayre, looking back more than half way through my first year it's weird to actually acknowledge how much impact Koinonia has had on my student life. Despite our denominational differences, our own situations and diverse nationalities we're each bound together. It's that, and going to the pub after prayer sessions which won me over. I've met some of the best people I know within the walls of the "Kube" and gained a network of support throughout London and further. More than anything, I'm excited for what's to come for Koinonia and for my part in Koinonia."

- Lucy Trewinnard (Heythrop College)

"It has been almost three years since I first stumbled upon Koinonia as an unknowing fresher. I still remember going to the Kube to sign up for a Fifa tournament with my friend (which we later won of course); one thing led to another, and I was “ensnared” by the guys there, and have become part of the Koinonia family since then. From our prayer gatherings, to student missionary gatherings, men’s group and weekends away, Koinonia has played an integral role in my Christian life outside Sunday church. I have always enjoyed how we worship and come together before God as a group. Every session, I feel God building and working on the camaraderie between all of us as a community. There was also the weekend away which I went to. It was an absolutely amazing experience as we took time away from the hustle and bustle of London and were able to focus on God as a community, and to learn more from the passage of 2 Timothy."

- Hao Chuien Hang (UCL)